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Featured Article. Bishop Street Heritage Room was opened in September 2014, to provide a place for developing our Heritage displays and research.

‘Mission Matters’, a Methodist publication, featured it in the article you can download here (pdf - 518Kb)

You can  find some of our information boards and display material as pdfs here

THIS IS OUR STORY: The Bishop Street Heritage Project

Customers to the Chapel Cafe, exhibition visitors, school children and concert-goers are just some of those who come into our historic chapel week by week. They are often surprised by the spacious and beautiful interior and ask about its history.

Now, with the help of a Heritage Grant from the Connexional Grants Committee we are creating resources and organising events to answer their questions. These grants are given not simply to preserve old buildings and documents. They are for projects where Heritage is part of the Church's outreach to local people and tourists, inspiring them to 'think about the meaning and practice of Christian faith and engage with Methodism'. At the same time, such projects should challenge and deepen the faith of church members so that we are equipped to take part more fully in mission.

The hard work of the Heritage Team has secured funding for us to tell our story and rediscover our links to the origins, growth and development of the worldwide Methodist Church. The Heritage project will be part of the wider 'Story of Leicester' project to help local people and visitors understand Leicester and its rich history and historic buildings. We hope that a fascination with Heritage will draw people to our Chapel and encourage them to think about the ways in which faith has shaped the life of our City.

The Heritage Project has three main strands:

- the display and safe storage of archives, objects and oral history, in a Heritage Room

- the creation of resources to communicate our story (eg. visitors, school parties)

- events and exhibitions on historical themes (1914-18 War, Bishop Street Bicentenary)

We look forward to sharing more of our plans as the project unfolds.


Oral History

This is an on-going attempt to record oral history particularly relating to Bishop Street in former decades, and for Methodism in Leicester generally. If you have memories yourself, or know people who will have memories and are willing to be interviewed please get in touch with the church office.
Also, if you are interested in doing interviews, or helping with the oral history project or any other aspect of Methodist heritage, we would love to hear from you


Bishop Street Methodist Church

For details of exhibitions and activities see our events page...

Arts and Spirituality Worker

RuthJoyFrom 2013 to 1018 we were pleased to have Ruth Joy as our part-time Art and Spirituality worker for the Bishop Street ‘Art at the Chapel’ project. This allowed the work started by the Art at the Chapel group to continue and flourish through projects including exhibitions and creative workshops. With Ruth’s time in post having come to and end we will now be taking stock and reviewing how this will proceed.

Art at the Chapel is a project that seeks to encourage and explore art and spirituality. The original group, made up of people from Bishop Street, around the circuit, and from other local churches have been meeting for the last few years to explore ways to engage with these themes. Building on the success of Steve Hammond Evans’ voluntary position as ‘Artist in Residence’ in the summer of 2012, Ruth's role has continued this work and built connections with local groups and charities to allow a wide range of people to benefit from events and activities including ...

Art at the ChapelExhibitions by local artists and charities to inspire and challenge us. 

Workshops  & Art Projects to help us develop our creative sides, celebrating the belief that human creativity is part of the image of God in which we are all made.

Quiet days and opportunities to use art, creativity and our imaginations to pray, worship and grow closer to God.Love Banners

E vents such as a celebration of banners and liturgical art have been one of the features, so if you know of any gems, traditional or contemporary that you would like to see on display here, please put us in touch.


Get in touch at info@artatthechapel.com

Find out more at www.artatthechapel.com or our facebook page.

If you want to find out more what Ruth does on the rest of the week why not take a look at her websites www.ruthjoyphotography.com and www.ruthjoy.co.uk





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