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Bishop Street welcomes students!

Bishop Street is a diverse and lively city centre Christian community, of all ages and very many backgrounds.

Here's what some recent students have said about Bishop Street.

"Thanks to you all, I found a home at Bishop Street. I could always count on someone from the Church to help me through with a word of encouragement, prayers and a call. May God richly bless you all."

"Being welcomed into Bishop Street Methodist church is like being given a big spiritual hug. As a baptised Methodist I was looking for a Christian home so that my worship and Christian fellowship would not wane in this strange new city I was now living and studying in. What struck me most was how, despite the diverse cultures represented in the congregation, we all felt so at home and were treated equally, while still embracing those cultural differences and celebrating them. I have since moved from Leicester and can no longer regularly attend Bishop Street. But in a year of living in London I have yet to feel as at home and part of a community in another church as I have at Bishop Street"

"I have enjoyed coming to Bishop Street Methodist Church because I feel a sense of belonging and I have made a lot of friends with whom we share ideas and help each other in different ways. Being in church also reminds me to be thankful for everything I have."

"I'm currently studying Architecture at De Montfort University, which I really enjoy, but at times it can be very overloading. Attending Bishop Street Methodist Church gives me the time to reflect about anything, from the week I just had to what I would like to gain in the forthcoming weeks. Also I get the chance to meet more people who are both friendly and welcoming, which has supported me towards settling into Leicester. It has made being away from home much easier and has definitely given me a balance in my busy University schedule.

"I've also been highly impressed by the way Bishop Street Methodist church attempts always to remain current and relevant, in a climate where spirituality is threatened by so many of the distractions of secular life. Whether it be prayer meetings in pizza parlours or 'Open Church' or discussions on Christianity's role in current affairs in city centre coffee shops, Bishop Street soldiers on while battling the challenges of finance and a quickly evolving congregation."

"I have been attending Bishop Street for two years now and really enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that exists there. The Church is perfectly suitable for students, whether they've been a Methodist from a young age or have never stepped into a Church before. The teaching is both Bible grounded and relevant to everyday life."

"It was lovely meeting and getting to know students from both DMU and University of Leicester who are of the same faith, sharing our views and enjoying each other's company in an informal setting."

For useful info, contact The Chaplaincy, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, or the Bishop Street minister, Rev'd Liam Dacre-Davis.

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