COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Church Community Room Update for 2nd October 2020

Church Worship This Sunday

You shouldn't come to church if you think you may have coronavirus symptoms. Also, don't come if you feel uncertain whether you should be in church for health reasons, because God in Christ is with us wherever we are

Some people will decide for health reasons, because of shielding others, or other factors that put them in high risk categories, that they will not be able to return to the church building for the time being, and this will include a number of local preachers and supernumeraries (retired ministers.)
In order to ensure that private prayer or led-worship can take place as safely as possible, what will take place on a Sunday morning in the building will have a different feel. The following will be some of the features of private prayer / worship (where a preacher or worship leaders are available):

  • -Shorter services of 30 — 45 minutes (to avoid prolonged contact with a big group)
  • -Follow a one-way system, as in supermarkets
  • -Give your name and a phone number on entry to the church for 'track and trace' if needed
  • -Social distancing of 2 metres with a max of 30 people occupancy.
  • -Short conversations held with social distancing in place, or outside in line with current guidelines!
  • -A well-ventilated space — so you'll need to come in warm clothes if weather is cool
  • -Use either printed material, a projector, or bring your own bible etc. Since books can be 'quarantined' for 48 hours, it may be possible to use them.
  • -No singing is allowed, because of the danger of water droplets spreading between people. Music can be played and listened to.
  • -Spoken responses need to be made in a soft voice.
  • -Communion needs to follow careful procedures but is possible.
  • -Face masks are required but not for those who feel unable to wear one, or are under the age of 11.
  • -Parents need to supervise their children at all times. Use of materials and toys for children need careful separation, cleaning, and quarantining. The current plan is for each family to occupy a table in the cafĂ© area.

This all sounds rather restricted and requires considerable coordination to put into practice, but it would be really good for some people at least to see each other again and together give thanks to God for our gift of life, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Already a number of people have volunteered to help with door-minding and cleaning, wearing the requisite PPE. Please let Rev Fran Rhys know if you'd also like to be involved in this way. Fran and pastoral visitors look forward to seeing some of you back at Sunday morning worship, and continuing to hear others on the 'phone or online.

Remember what Jesus had to say to his disciples in lockdown, at the first Easter: "Do not be afraid... Peace be with you." (Gospel of John, chapter 20)

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